The Woodcutters Helper

Firewood Measuring Attachments for your chainsaw

The Original Woodcutters Helper Magnetic Measuring Attachment

This firewood measuring attachment is a cutting edge chainsaw accessory and is available in several different configurations. View various version from the above menu.

If you burn firewood, or know someone who does, this chainsaw accessory can save some serious time while improving the accuracy of your cuts.

Made in Montana!  The Woodcutters Helper™ is precisely that. It measures firewood to your exact specifications as you saw!

Introduced in June of 2010 it has been called the simplest and most effective firewood measuring tool available. (See some real life testimonials near the bottom of page).

Its versatile, adjustable, durable, convenient, accurate and affordable.

The Woodcutters Helper has eliminated the need or desire to pre-measure downed timber before blocking with your chainsaw!

Whether you guesstimate, use chalk, paint or a hatchet, swing your saw or use a measuring stick;  when you snap the Woodcutters Helper on the bar of your chainsaw you can now measure as you saw.

To set the measuring tool, attach the end of your tape-measure to the magnet and adjust the thumb-nuts/indicator to your desired length or width. It attaches to any location on either side of the chainsaw bar using a strong neodymium magnet (Rated @ 80 lb. vertical pull force).

The original Woodcutters Helper set at 16″.

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If you burn firewood longer than 19.25″ set the measuring tool/indicator for half the length you require and complete your cut at the second mark, or the 20″ adjustable fiberglass version can be found on eBay.

Indicator, thumb-nuts and rod are corrosion and rust resistant.

Convenient Storage 

Watch a short demo


The Woodcutters Helper is the first to utilize the Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet as a mounting option coupled with an adjustable rod and length/width indicator. Its versatility can be utilized to not only measure firewood but to also rip lumber into boards (with a chainsaw) from 19.25″ wide down to – an inch wide, (the board should be securely clamped to your pickup tailgate or a table prior to ripping). Just set the indicator for the width of board you require, lineup the indicator along the edge of the board and begin to rip watching the indicator to be sure its following the outer edge of the board. A well sharpened chain will improve results. (The indicator can quickly and easily be adjusted to the length or width required by inserting the rod/extension into a cordless/drill and while holding the thumb-nuts run the drill; in the correct direction.) Once you have the indicator set exactly where you want it, lock down the thumb-nuts and no further adjustment should be necessary unless you wish to change the length of firewood desired or to rip lumber.

Hook the clip to your belt loop or pocket and then use the magnet to attach the tool to the clip. It hangs from the clip within easy reach. (The free spring clip may vary in type and design depending on available stock).

Why be measuring when you can be sawing?

The time you save using the Woodcutters Helper pays for itself the first time you use it and the results are excellent!

Firewood the same length stacks tighter and neater saving space. Never struggle with a piece of firewood too long to fit your stove.

All steel construction means long life performance. Patent Pending.

Note: Depending on how the wood is situated will help determine where on the chainsaw/bar you will want to place the Helper. If the log/wood is lying on the ground, placing the Helper on the tip of the bar allows you to make a nibble mark with the saw along the length without bending over. In some situations you may want to complete the cut at the same time. In other situations, as when measuring large rounds, the Helper can be placed further back on the bar. The Helper measures the same length when placed on either side of the chainsaw bar.

The Woodcutters Helper only $24.00 each, includes free shipping within the U.S.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us with any questions or to inquire about quantity discounts.

Return policy: This item may be returned undamaged (with purchase price fully refunded) in original shipping container within 14 days of receiving the item. Buyer pays return shipping.

Testimonials: The following comments are from previous customers surveyed when asked if they had used the Woodcutters Helper and what the experience was like.


In advance of my remarks, I’d like to say I spent time as a professional logger, both sawyer and deckhand, and have felled and blocked countless cords of firewood over the last 30 years.
I used the Woodcutter’s Helper on about 5 cords last month, found it a very useful tool. I had played with several ideas before happening upon your device, and it works very well. Certainly worth the money and nothing really to go wrong when you’re a long way from home. I used it both fully blocking logs and making shallow saw cuts to come back and finish. Makes cutting perfect lengths so you have no wasted flatbed/trailer space – a snap!
One thing I found very useful was to tie a “flag” of surveyors tape onto the end; makes it easy to find whether you’ve just set it aside or it has fallen into the forest duff or snow. Made a keeper for my chaps so I can just holster the thing when I’m making full cuts.
Best to you,
Jay P.
Manhattan, MT
I bought two of the Woodcutter Helpers and I am very happy with them. This is my first year with a chainsaw. In the beginning my boyfriend would cut a marking piece for me. I would inadvertently set it down and lose it and use a different one and he’d come back and say “those look too long”. lol. I don’t have that problem any more. We have both accidentally bent them but at least we could bend them back. I love that I can easily take it on and off, unlike the others I looked at, that screwed on. We put a carabiner on our belt-loop and hook it to that with the magnet.
Great, affordable product.
Thank you!
Cheryl and Joe
I purchased five of your Woodcutters Helpers’ and set three of them for the most common sizes of wood I cut, as I have plenty of room in my toolboxes to store them. The other two I will save and give as gifts to my brother and nephew who live in different areas of Vermont.
I am now a semi retired logger in Massachusetts who used to process 2500 cord of wood per year with a processor as well as run logging jobs. I have downsized now to where I do approximately 250 cord per year. I would never consider taking a chance that one of my customers would get a piece of firewood that would not fit into their stove due to missed cut. I sell sixty cord of wood in three foot lengths to people with outdoor wood-burners so I take my Woodcutter’s Helper and make a first mark and cut on the second.
We tried crayons and a stick but the mark does not show up on wet or snowy wood, so your not productive if your looking for a mark. The cost of your tool is cheap considering it against the cost of tractor, splitter, saws, and truck. If you took away my Woodcutters Helper you might as well take my other equipment as I’d be all done cutting firewood.
Thanks! Cole S.
My husband was very pleased when I gave him the Woodcutters Helper. Our wood is more reliably cut to the same length now and this makes it so much easier to stack! I have not noticed any trouble keeping it on the saw blade – that is a very strong magnet! I use it on my smaller saw as well – I like keeping the kindling cut to uniform lengths, again, making stacking it that much easier.
All in all – we are very happy with our purchase. Reasonably priced and well worth the money.
Penny D.
Simple, effective, affordable. Great tool.
Dan I.
Hi – I really am pleased with my Woodcutters Helper. Not only does it save me time on marking logs but my cut logs are within a fourth of an inch of each other. That never happened for me using a ruler and hatchet.
Moreland, GA
Since purchasing this amazingly simple little tool, I have cut more than twenty face cords of wood. In the past I used a measured board and lumber crayon. Now with my helper, I put it on my saw and mark the logs, then go back and block up the log. It has sped-up my wood cutting. I wish I had thought about making this.
Peru, NY

As the creator and manufacturer of the Woodcutters Helper we have the ability and option to change configurations regarding magnetic pull force and dimension or material of the measuring rod and indicator. The original Woodcutters Helper adjustable up to 19.25″ utilizes a neodymium magnet with a rated pull force of 48.5 lb. connected to a zinc plated all-thread steel rod and is recommended for its durability. You are probably thinking that you could make your own but why bother when you can order one now and have it delivered to your doorstep in 3-4 business days. Free shipping in the U.S.

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Please saw safe!

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